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We Dig it! You Build it & More!

Fence Post Hole Digger Blog

Daylight Savings

March 15, 2019

Daylight savings this weekend!  Don't forget to turn back your clock!  Master Post Hole Hamilton is out digging in the next couple of weeks call for your Spring bookings!

Post Hole Digging

March 17, 2019

Our team is out drilling post holes the last week of March.  Book soon for your Spring time bookings.  Remember, Master Post Hole Diggers looks after the Locates; clearances from bell, hydro, cable and gas.  Make sure locates are in your contractors name not yours!  You do not want to take responsibility if a utility line is hit!  Enjoy the Sunshine today!  

Post Hole Digging Questions

March 17, 2019


No. You do not need a building permit to erect a fence on your property. You will however need to check with your local municipality for height and front yard restrictions.


Each municipality has different rules so to ensure you are building a structure legally, please check with your local city/town building department. Normally, if a deck is 24 inch less a permit is not required.  

Post Hole Digging Hamilton and Areas Booking

March 25, 2019

Beautiful Monday morning, phones are ringing for bookings.  Not too late to book your April post hole digging / sono tube projects. Remember Master Post Hole Digger takes care of the locates.  Locates are required and we look after the process.  Our team is out drilling next Weekend!  

Post Hole Digging for Sono tubes / Deck Post Holes!  What is a sono tube?

March 27, 2019

What is a sono tube? Sono tubes area cylinder tubes made of multiple layers of thick card board.  You can purchase sono tubes at your local building supply stores.  Sono tubes range in sizes from 6inch to 30plus inch width.  When building decks typical sizes area 8inch, 10inch, 12inch and possible 18inch.  Tubes usually come in 8 foot lengths.  Master Post Hole Digger is able to cut the tubes in half to 4 foot lengths. 

Why use them?  Footings and piers (sono tubes) are designed to support the weight of a deck through all weather and stress.  Sono tubes create a smooth sided piers that can resist uplift caused by frost. Also it depends on your location and city requirements!  Some cities require concrete piers (sono tubes) for deck building.  Contact your local city building department for more information. 

Procedure:  ​Master Post Hole Digger will drill the holes, set the sono tubes in the ground, our team will fill the holes with concrete, we can ground level or bring above grade and we install the brackets.  If you require holes to be building inspected we can pre-drill holes and fill same day after the city's approval.  

Happy April!! Book soon for your early Spring time bookings with Master Post Hole Digger!!

March 21, 2020

Remember our crew is out drilling this week!  Call soon for your Spring time bookings!  Call, email or text.  We answer emails and text messages until late!